Tips to help your cell phone battery last longer

We can say that there are some ways to prolong the life of the cell phone battery. Even when manufacturers try to increase battery life, several features make people use their devices more, which directly affects the drums. However, there are some tricks that can help your smartphone’s battery last longer, without having to resort to portable chargers or spend a long time without using it.

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Tips to make your battery last longer

Some factors like connection, screen brightness and, of course, continuous use, make the charge go away faster, but they can be optimized and make your phone work better. Below are some ideas that will help you!

Reducing screen brightness is a way to extend battery life, especially if your phone has a large screen. Therefore, in these cases, using a lower brightness is ideal, enough to have a good handling of it. In this sense, choose to use 100% brightness only in places with a lot of light, for example.

  • Turn off bluetooth and mobile internet (if necessary)

Connectivity such as bluetooth or mobile internet is one of the main factors that contribute to the power consumption of cell phones. So remember to disable the tool when you are not using it. This tip is always valid.

  • energy saving mode

When the “Power Saver” feature is enabled, mobile devices automatically change some tools, significantly extending battery life. Examples include a decrease in screen brightness, suspension of app updates, a restriction on processor speed, and so on.

Fun fact: you are the biggest consumer of your battery

One of the main evils of using the cell phone battery is the user himself. Nowadays, technology allows smartphones to have more and more functions and, as a result, they are used constantly.

There’s a study that says people end up checking their phones an average of 2,000 times a week (totaling almost 300 times a day). Do you think it’s absurd? So it’s good to be careful with the amount of time we spend on the phone.

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