WhatsApp extends deadline for deleting messages sent in the app

WhatsApp has extended the maximum period for deleting a message by up to two and a half days (that is, 60 hours from sending). The “Delete for all” option previously allowed you to cancel a submission made in up to one hour, eight minutes and 16 seconds.

The first time the new deadline appeared was in February of this year, and in July, the validity was tested in the app. The extended limit makes the function much more versatile, giving the sender plenty of time to give up sending.

To get started, both the sender and recipient apps of the message need to be updated to the latest version — at least, on mobile. The extended period only applies to submissions made after the update, and it is worth mentioning that it applies to text messages as well as audio, photos and videos.

many news

This Tuesday (9), WhatsApp announced a package of news in privacy. One of the most important additions was the possibility to hide the “Online” status of anyone in the app, a feature that the user community has been asking for for years.

update the app

WhatsApp has hinted that the extended deadline for deleting messages starts to take effect from an update released today (9). So, if you want to check out the feature, it’s worth checking the App Store and Play Store for pending updates.

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