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WhatsApp announced on Tuesday (9) a feature that allows you to hide the “online” and “last seen” that appear in the accounts, an option long awaited by many users. It will be released gradually and will be available to everyone later this month.

The app will also allow you to leave groups without everyone knowing and block screen captures (print screen) in single view messages. These changes will be activated automatically and there will be no need to change account settings.

How to hide ‘online’ and ‘last seen’ on WhatsApp

Until then, it was not possible to remove WhatsApp’s “online” status: if you opened the application, the warning appeared to all your contacts. It will now be possible to decide who can see this status.

Here’s how to hide “online” from your WhatsApp account:

  1. In the settings, select “Account“;
  2. Select “Privacy“;
  3. Click in “Last seen and online“;
  4. Choose who can see the “last seen“(“All”, “My contacts”, “My contacts except…” and “Nobody”);
  5. Choose who can see the “online” (all or the same option chosen in “last seen”).

By hiding the “online” and “last seen” of your account, you will also not be able to see this information on other people’s accounts.

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Group silent exit

Many users were also hoping for a feature that would allow them to discreetly leave groups. With the WhatsApp update, the notice that someone has left the conversation will only be shown to the group admins.

The change will be released from this Tuesday (9) and can be seen in the warning that the app shows before you leave a group.

If the news has not reached you, the app will only ask if you really want to leave the conversation. If it is available, a window will appear warning that “only admins will be notified when you leave the group”.

Print blocking on single view messages

WhatsApp also announced that it is testing a screenshot lock on single-view messages, including photos and videos.

The idea is to provide another layer of protection for users to share records when they don’t want them to be available to their contacts forever. The functionality will be released to everyone soon.

Why don’t you show up for me?

WhatsApp usually releases new features little by little, so it is possible that the new features are not available to you as soon as they are announced.

A good practice for receiving new features is to keep the app up to date. This does not guarantee that the changes will appear faster, but rather that you will have a newer version, which is able to receive the new functionality.

Here’s how to update WhatsApp:

  1. Go to the Play Store (Android) or App Store (Apple) and search for “WhatsApp”;
  2. On the app page, see if there is a button with the title “Update“;
  3. Click in “Update” and wait for the download;
  4. The app will restart and will be up to date.

Important: if instead of “Update”, the button has the message “Open”, the application is already in the latest version available.

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