Windows 11 Encryption Could Damage Data, Says Microsoft

The company claims that a fix for the problem is now available, but it may slow down the performance of some apps.

Microsoft announced this Tuesday (9) that a problem with the encryption system used by Windows 11 could be corrupting user data. According to the company, the problem also affected the Windows Server 2022 and was related to the use of the Vector Advanced Encryption (VAES) standard supported by the latest generations of CPUs from AMD and Intel.

The company claims that it had already launched a preliminary fix for the issue on the 24th of May this year, which arrived in the OS security update released on June 14th. A more complete fix was released by the company on Windows 11 security update released July 12but only now the problem has been detailed.

Identified by code KB5017259, the problem was the result of inserting new code paths to support hardware acceleration in your Symcrypt library. The processes implemented by the company brought implementation errors that caused the recorded data to have errors — which caused it to be corrupted, lost or damaged.

Microsoft does not offer solutions to rescue damaged data

The issues identified by Microsoft affected the lines ice lake, Tiger Lake and Rocket Lake of CPUs produced by Intel, in addition to AMD’s upcoming Zen 4 generation. Although the company claims that updating Windows 11 already brings fixes to the issue, it does not clarify what users already harmed by it can do to recover their data.

The company also explains that the application of updates can result in a decrease in system performance for approximately one month. According to the company, the main affected are applications such as BitLockerO Transport Layer Security (TLS), and the effects will mostly be noticed by corporate customers.

Windows 11 build 25174 introduces new Game Pass widget

Windows 11 build 25174 introduces new Game Pass widget
It also contains fixes for several bugs.

Since Windows 11 was released, Microsoft has faced a series of system problems, which often introduces unpublished issues along with its updates. In the second half of July the company released update KB50158154 which introduced a series of issues related to the installation of apps, especially those that used the .Net Framework 3.5.


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