Worst date in history? Giant snack challenge ends in marriage

What could be “the worst first date in the world” became a love story for psychologist Bruno Farias, who was successful in real life and on social networks when he told about the day he accepted to eat a giant snack because he couldn’t afford it. date’s account with his prospective girlfriend.

A resident of Santos, on the coast of São Paulo, he says he came from a humble family and had just graduated from college when he accepted the “challenge”. Bruno makes it clear that he had taken money to the cafeteria, but could not resist seeing the opportunity to save, despite the protests of the crush, Mariana Figueiredo.

“Of course, on the Internet, the story takes on an epic air, but in real life it was more or less like this: I was a recent graduate, my wife wasn’t even in college, so we had very little money”, detailed the psychologist, in an interview with UOLnot forgetting that eating the giant snack was already an old goal on his list of accomplishments.

“We were starting our relationship and I always said that I would win the challenge of this cafeteria, which no longer exists. One night we went there, I ordered the gigantic snack and managed to eat it, with great difficulty”, says Bruno, remembering that he even had enough money for the account if he failed the “mission”, but that he had no intention of spending it.

Despite having returned home without any financial loss, he was not spared a scolding from Mariana, who was against her then-boyfriend’s participation in the unusual activity.

“Her reaction in the cafeteria was shy, because she is very discreet. When we left, she got annoyed why I was feeling bad. Do you know when the person keeps bothering you, saying: ‘I told you so’? It was more or less that”, laughs the psychologist.

Trauma overcome

Although the “trauma” still lasted a few encounters — with the now chemical engineer always asking her partner to “take it easy on the food” — Mariana and Bruno’s love story continues, 10 years later.

“Mariana and I have a very good relationship, based on dialogue and acceptance. Every now and then we have some problems, but they are light, and we resolve them with frank, very respectful conversations. We managed to establish ourselves in our professions and I can always count on her “, declares the psychologist without sparing praise for the woman, with whom he has his son Miguel, 3 years old, and three cats.

“We have three sphynx cats, the hairless ones, who are our loves. These cats have always been my wife’s dream. As soon as we moved in together, I managed to bring these kittens into our home. It’s like my father says; ‘Did you marry me? Then you will have all your dreams come true'”, he says.

In addition to the achievements that Bruno and Mariana had since the unusual date in 2012, some difficult moments also changed the couple’s dynamics. In 2020, the psychologist discovered that he had Crohn’s Disease, which causes gastrointestinal inflammation.

Of unknown origin, the condition has no cure and can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, weight loss, anemia and fatigue. After the diagnosis, the paulista had to revolutionize his lifestyle, with habits that, he points out, “retired” him from any challenge like the one 10 years ago.

“I was hospitalized, it was very difficult. Since then, I’ve taken good care of my health, especially food. I lost 22 kg and, today, I would never dream of eating a snack of that size. I can’t even imagine, it would be an impossible mission” .

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