Xi acts like ‘scared bully’ in Taiwan, says Pelosi

US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi called Chinese President Xi Jinping a “scared bully” when asked about China’s military exercises in the region near Taiwan. .

Pelosi, the “pivot” of the latest tension between the United States and China over her recent visit to the island, criticized the Chinese government’s reaction to the trip and said Xi was worried about the economy and about his expected reappointment after Chinese Communist Party committee in November.

“He’s in trouble with the economy, acting like a scared bully,” he said. “We didn’t go there to talk about China, but about Taiwan. Our purpose was [discutir] security, economy and government”.

The House Speaker also criticized China’s alleged efforts to isolate Taiwan from the international community.

“He’s not going to stop members of Congress from visiting Taiwan. We won’t be complicit in Taiwan’s isolation,” she said, recalling a recent visit by US senators to the island that didn’t generate “noise”, she said.

Pelosi was the first Speaker of the US House of Representatives to visit the island in 25 years.

China considers Taiwan as part of its territory and seeks reunification, officially, by peaceful means; Taiwan’s government, on the other hand, tries to move away from the hypothesis and seeks international recognition.

Military exercises continue

Since Pelosi’s arrival on the island, China has announced a series of military exercises in the region near Taiwan, which have become the largest in history to be conducted by the Chinese central government.

In retaliation for the US, China has also suspended or canceled scheduled meetings and talks with the Joe Biden administration in areas such as security, drug trafficking and climate change – a focus of the Democrat administration.

On Tuesday (9), Taiwan carried out a simulation of defending the island with live artillery ammunition after the large military maneuvers carried out by China around its territory, while accusing Beijing of preparing an invasion.

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