YouTube Music is inspired by Spotify and highlights artists and songs most listened to by users

Now YouTube Music users will also have a space dedicated to their favorite artists and songs. Those tracks that are already part of the routine and don’t get out of repeat mode, as well as singers that you don’t miss a release or that you already know all the albums by heart and scrambled, will now be highlighted in the “Listen again” section of the service.

Back in May, YouTube Music began testing a new design to make accessing popular songs more easily accessible. At the same time, the service sought a new interface for playlists. Where the section will be depends on how often the user uses the app, but it should be at the top of the homepage. Up to 20 album, song and artist icons can appear in the carousel highlight.

In addition to highlights, it is possible to revisit up to 94 songs and view all cards in the “More” button. There’s no need to like tracks or add them to playlists to keep them in that spotlight, just keep listening and, if necessary, use the search bar to find them easily.

The novelty is already being updated on all devices with iOS and Android system. The modification was also made in the web interface.

This is another attempt by the platform to bring dynamism to subscribers. Recently, the “Mixed for you” and “Dynamic Queue” features were also launched, which create personalized playlists based on the user’s musical taste and listening occasions, and suggestions for new artists and songs also based on profile activity. .

And you, are you a YouTube Music subscriber? Did you like the news and interface change? Leave your comment!

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