22 million WhatsApp users had their accounts deleted

WhatsApp constantly updates its rules and the last time this happened the updates were openly disclosed in the ”IT Report”. However, some populations seem not to have coped well with the changes imposed by the Meta group. As a result, the lack of understanding resulted in the banning of several Indian citizens from the platform.

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The measure was implemented between June 1 and 30 of this year, in an urgent request, due to the seriousness of what they recognized in the situation. Initially, they avoided disclosing any information in order to maintain confidentiality and protect the identity of certain people.

The problem was recognized from the complaints that began to be forwarded en masse. Developers were concerned and decided to act quickly, in an unprecedented move linked to social networks.

User complaints were the starting point for starting an investigation

Most of the complaints by victims were related to the scams that have been happening. The criminals’ objective is to obtain financial advantages by threatening users. In this case, they also use tools such as groups, links containing malware and other catchphrases, seeking to attract innocent people who believe in the opportunities offered by scammers.

As a result of this occurrence, WhatsApp claimed to be strengthening protective barriers, seeking to meet the public’s privacy requirements. One method to prevent this type of attack is to try to identify attackers before they are able to send messages, by evaluating log, messages, and the first negative feedback.

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