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since the movie Persuasiondebuted in the catalog of Netflix, British author’s adaptations Jane Austen has been on the rise among subscribers to the streaming – who fall more and more in love with the author’s fiery novels.

So far, the brand’s catalog already has three of its main adaptations: Reason and sensibility” (1995), Pride and Prejudice(2005) and Persuasion(2022). Check out some amazing facts about these films below:

First impressions

Jane Austen Netflix
Elizabeth Bennet reads “First Impressions” at the beginning of the film (Image: Reproduction/StudioCanal)

Right at the beginning of the movie Pride and Prejudice” (2005), movie viewers have the opportunity to see Elizabeth Bennett (Keira Knightley) reading a book called First impressions“. What not everyone knows is that this would be the original name of the work that everyone came to know earlier as “Pride and Prejudice“. By showing the pages of the work, the film even shows some excerpts from the final chapter of the book, with some names changed.

almost sisters

Jane Austen
Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet lived together during recordings (Image: Playback/IMDb).

When dealing with the backstage of Reason and sensibility(1995), viewers were always delighted with the sisters chemistry between the papers Emma Thompson (Elinor) and Kate Winslet (Marianne). What not everyone knows, however, is that both actresses lived together during all the filming of the film, in an attempt to create enough bonds and familiarity that they could play perfect sisters on screen.

historical error

Persuasion: the film’s letter has a design that did not exist at the time (Image: Disclosure/Netflix).

when dealing with Persuasion“, adaptation of own Netflix, one of the curiosities that most affected the film was a historical mistake made in one of the sequences. In it, while writing a letter, the character Mary ends up using a emoji with a sad face to express your feelings ( 🙁 ). It turns out that the film’s story takes place in the 19th century, and representations of this type began to be used only in the 20th century.

Only Brits in the cast

Donald Sutherland is one of the few non-Brits in the cast of “Pride and Prejudice” (Image: Reproduction/Studiocanal).

To maintain fidelity about the characters and the country where the film takes place, the production of Pride and Prejudicewas premised on choosing only british actors for the film’s cast. With this, the accent of the characters could be more faithful to the period and context in which they live. The only exceptions to this rule are Jena Malone, who is American, and Donald Sutherland, a Canadian.

unusual thanks

Jane Austen
Stephen Fry helped Emma Thompson save the film’s script (Image: Reproduction/CBS).

when dealing with Reason and sensibility“, many British filmmakers questioned the actor’s motive Stephen Fry (Sandman) be credited in the film. The reason for the thanks came after Emma Thompson, actress and screenwriter of the film, have lost the screenplay on your computer after a technical problem. It was the actor, a former connoisseur of computers in apple and friend of the actress, who solved the problem and managed to recover the file, after 7 hours of work.

A little more diversity

Discover the biggest hits and misses of "Persuasion"a film that divides opinions on Netflix
Netflix movie added more diversity to the cast (Image: Disclosure / Netflix).

Among the successes of adapting Persuasion” for the Netflix, one that stands out among the rest is the way producers use the poetic freedom of the film for add more diversity to the roster. As has been done in series like “Bridgerton”, the title deviates a bit from historical realism and presents people of color in positions of power, adding even more layers of complexity and representation to the title.

saw almost nothing

Actor who plays Mr. Darcy needed to be guided by the director (Image: Reproduction/StudioCanal).

Finally, a behind-the-scenes curiosity of Pride and Prejudiceis that the actor Matthew Macfadyen, that interprets the Ms. Darcy in the long, has a very limited range of vision. For this reason, when recording the scene that takes place in the fog of a morning, the director Joe Wright had to stand behind the camera waving a big red flag so the actor would know where to walk.

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