Amanda Seyfried felt pressured to do nude scenes at 19

Amanda Seyfried remembered an uncomfortable situation early in his career. In an interview with Porter magazine, the star of Mean Girls and The Dropout said she felt pressured to do nude scenes in a specific production.

“I look back and I remember being 19 and walking around the set naked, without lingerie… Are you kidding? How did I let this happen? Well, I know how: I was 19, I didn’t want to bother anyone, and I didn’t want to miss out. the job. That’s how this kind of thing happens“, commented.

The actress believes that the mood on Hollywood sets has improved after the #MeToo movement, which denounced harassment and abuse in the industry, and the arrival of intimacy coordinators in productions. Professionals are responsible for supervising the filming of sex and nudity scenes, ensuring the safety and comfort of participants.

For Seyfried, the coordinators’ work makes actors and actresses “be in a better position to say what they think and feel”. She admitted that she would rather be starting her career in Hollywood now than when she made her first films and series.

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