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In the 3-1 defeat to Ponte Preta this Tuesday, in Campinas, Vasco found good options for embezzlement that deconstructed the team’s midfield; behaved well after coming out on the scoreboard and was closer to a comeback than at any other point in this Serie B; and most importantly, learned the lesson that you can’t afford to waste chances to kill the game.

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Best moments: Ponte Preta 3 x 1 Vasco, for the 23rd round of the Brasileirão Série B 2022

Best moments: Ponte Preta 3 x 1 Vasco, for the 23rd round of the Brasileirão Série B 2022

Unlike previous games, creation was not a problem for Vasco in Moisés Lucarelli. The team led by coach Emílio Faro finished 14 times (one more than the opponent), had the turning goal annulled for offside and even hit the post, although this move was also invalidated by Alex Teixeira was offside. The point is that Vasco created without being lethal.

In that sense, it’s worth a big ear tug on Raniel. The striker was the author of the equalizing goal, it is true, in a move in which it was more useful to hinder the goalkeeper than actually pushing the ball in. But he squandered two clear chances that could close the lid of the Bridge’s coffin. One in the first half, with a left cross kick; and the other at the beginning of the second, when he fumbled with the ball on the counterattack.

Raniel, from Vasco, in action against Ponte Preta — Photo: Daniel Ramalho / CRVG

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Vasco gave up his bad luck and was punished with two goals in the five-minute interval: the first in another set-piece and the second in a play in which everything went well for Ponte Preta. The club is very lucky because, even skating in Serie B, it is still six points away from fifth place. But you need to stop depending on others as soon as possible and get back on your feet in competition.

Without Yuri Lara and Nenê, suspended, Emílio Faro started Vasco with Zé Gabriel and Marlon Gomes forming the midfield. In addition, it promoted the debut of Alex Teixeira as a starter: shirt 7 started playing in place of Figueiredo on the left wing. It was a complicated start to the game because the modified team took a long time to find itself on the field. And Ponte made use of the initial pressure as principal.

At six, Thiago Rodrigues was already forced to defend in Elvis’ free-kick. At seven minutes, Wallisson opened the scoring with a header in a move in which Vasco lacked intelligence to give less space in the second ball. It landed right at the feet of Elvis, the Ponte player most easily to get the ball to the attackers’ heads.

"Incompetence punished", regrets João Almirante |  The Voice of the Crowd

“Incompetence punished”, laments João Almirante | The Voice of the Crowd

The stoppage of the game for eight minutes, due to the unfortunate episode of confrontation between fans, played in favor of Vasco, who managed to take a breather. Gradually, the team put the ball on the ground, hit the transitions and started to bring danger to the goal defended by Caíque. At 25, Marlon Gomes kicked over the defender in a counterattack. A few minutes later, Raniel headed in a cross by Léo Matos.

The goal came soon after, in a free kick by Alex Teixeira that shirt 9 slightly deflected. Gabriel Pec also scared away with a long shot, and Raniel had the chance to turn the game around before the break, but his left cross kick went wide.

At half-time, Matheus Ribeiro took the place of Léo Matos, who did poorly in the first half, and Gabriel Pec came out for Figueiredo. Vasco grew a lot on the left side, where Marlon Gomes started to fall – the 18-year-old boy set fire to there. Alex Teixeira, in turn, was pushed back to midfield.

The bid at eight minutes was the harbinger of Vasco’s tragedy. In a counterattack led by Figueiredo, with four players from Vasco against two from Ponte, Raniel held the ball too much, messed up inside the area and wasted an opportunity that, we now know, made a tremendous foul.

Raniel, from Vasco, wastes counterattack against Ponte Preta – Photo: Reproduction

From there until the final stretch of the game, Vasco almost reached the goal on two occasions, both invalidated by offside: Raniel came to put it inside and Alex Teixeira hit the foot of the post in similar finishes, with cavadinha. But at 33, in a corner given free of charge by Matheus Ribeiro, Macaca scored the second with Lucca. And five minutes later, on the counterattack, he closed the account with Fessin.

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