Atlético-GO crushes Nacional de Luis Suárez and goes to the South American semifinals

Atlético-GO crushes Nacional de Luis Suárez and goes to the South American semifinals

Atlético-GO crushes Nacional de Luis Suárez and goes to the South American semifinals

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Atlético-GO is in the unprecedented semifinal of the Copa Sudamericana. The vacancy came with a show of Luiz Fernandothe name of the confrontation, and merciless victory by 3 to 0 on the Uruguayan National, at Serra Dourada, in Goiânia, this Tuesday, 9th. Luis Suárez came on only in the second half and did little for the Uruguayans.

Luiz Fernando was the author of the winning goal at Parque Central, in Montevideo, last week, by 1-0, and this Tuesday opened and closed the result in the return duel. But he entered the catimba in the final minutes and ended up being expelled for aggression. It will lose the semifinal leg against the winner of São Paulo x Ceará. Churín also stood out, with three assists, one unintentionally. The visitors did little to try to reverse the result, dominated from the opening minute.

Now, Jorginho’s men are trying to repeat the good result of the Sudamericana in the Brasileirão, in which they occupy only the 18th place and today would be relegated. On Saturday the team visits Botafogo, before defending the 2-0 first leg in the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil against Corinthians.

With a 1-0 lead in Montevideo, Atlético-GO stepped onto Serra Dourada’s lawn, being able to draw, but promising not to play just to hold the minimum advantage and talking about presenting an offensive football. On the Uruguayan side, coach Pablo Repetto’s promise to use star Luis Suárez from the beginning did not materialize. The forward started the game on the bench. Alongside the other substitutes, he saw the Goians extend their lead in the match with just five minutes.

Hayner charged the right side straight into the area, the defense couldn’t move away, Churín failed to dominate, but the leftover fell at the feet of Luiz Fernando, who hit hard to open the marker. The shouts of “Atlético, Atlético”, were loud in the stands when Nacional almost equalized in a submission by Gigliotti. Goalkeeper Renan, Ronaldo’s replacement, out of the season due to a serious injury, made a beautiful save.

With 2-0 on aggregate, Atlético-GO adopted a defensive posture to exploit the speed of Léo Pereira and Luiz Fernando in counterattacks. The Uruguayans had the ball, but ran into the red-black wall. With only 32 minutes, Suárez was already warming up on the edge of the field with the other reserves.

Pressing in search of a tie, Nacional ended up paying dearly for sending the entire team to the attack. Steal in the middle and deadly counter-attack before half-time. Churín received a free-kick and took it easy to serve Baralhas, who hit a cross and widened.

Nacional needed three goals in the final 45 minutes to take the decision to penalties. And in Suárez’s entry, the confidence of the Uruguayans was placed. The star barely got the ball and saw Luiz Fernando expand to 3-0.

Churín again had an important role in stealing the ball and serving the hero of the match, who hit with class, between the defender’s legs and without chances for goalkeeper Rochet.

Already thinking about the sequence of the season, Jorginho drew his namesake and the Argentine Churín, another highlight of the night, in the middle of the second stage. The order was just to manage the gigantic score. Suárez still had a chance, but he stopped in good defense by Renan. The goalkeeper would still work well before the final whistle and great celebration among the Brazilians.

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