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Luiz Fernando: the best on the field and in the match as a whole. After the goal in the first leg, he returned to swing the net twice more and stamped Atlético-GO’s place in the semifinals. In the first half, he shot left-handed to score. In the second, he hit placed, with style. He left Serra with the nickname “Luizito” Fernando and only didn’t get a higher grade because he fell into the Uruguayan pile, being expelled in the end. Note: 8.5

churin: did not score, but gave three assists. The first was not exactly a pass, but the center forward made the pivot and allowed Luiz Fernando to kick. In the second, he pulled a great counter-attack and served Baralhas. In the third, “Luizito” Fernando was activated again. He was the Dragon’s captain in the match and was very comfortable. Note: 8.5

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Churín disputes the ball from above; Argentine gave three assists in the game — Photo: Heber Gomes/AGIF

Renan: a starter since Ronaldo’s injury in the first leg, the goalkeeper was not very demanding this time, but he was safe in every move. In the first half, he made a great save from Gigliotti’s submission. In the second, he fitted Luis Suárez’s left-handed leg kick. Cold on the field, he passed calm and tranquility to the team. Note: 8.0

  • Renan (GOAL): 8.0
  • Hayner (LAD): 7.0
  • Wanderson (ZAG): 7.5
  • Klaus (ZAG): 7.0
  • Arthur Henrique (LAE): 6.5
  • Edson Fernando (VOL): 7.0
  • Decks (VOL): 8.0
  • Jorginho (MEI): 7.0
  • Léo Pereira (ATA): 7.0
  • Churin (ATA): 8.5
  • Luiz Fernando (ATA): 8.5
  • Jefferson (LAE): 6.5
  • Wellington Rat (ATA): 6.5
  • Airton (ATA): 6.0
  • Marlon Freitas (ZAG): 6.0
  • Michel (ZAG): 6.5

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