Best 5 apps to SAVE a lot of money a year; surprising!

Tell the truth: don’t you feel a chill every time you hear someone in your family say they need to go to the supermarket? Yes, with prices so high, it’s normal to be apprehensive when buying something. But did you know that you can get good discounts just using your smartphone? We are now going to show you the 5 best apps for you to save good money. See below.

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App tips to save

Amazon Prime

This one I bet you didn’t know, but the Amazon Prime offers free shipping for all products purchased within its online store. You just need to be a Prime subscriber paying R$14.90 per month or R$119.00 annually. For those who make recurring purchases, it’s a great opportunity to save because in addition to free delivery, several products are at great discounts and you can still watch movies and series with the Prime Video.

Access Amazon Prime:

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This is a little known app but it’s really worth it. Imagine you want to subscribe to every possible streaming service. Does it look expensive? And is! Now imagine having all of them over 50% off. That’s what the Kotas does. It joins all service accounts as Netflix, Prime Video, Globoplay, Disney+, Spotify, YouTube Premium and several others and condenses them into a single subscription that you can share with 4 more people paying only your share.

Access Kota:

Shell Bo

This is for those who need to fuel the vehicle. With the high price of fuel, the company shell launched the app Shell Box. With it, you save a lot of money by participating in a loyalty program and with various promotions. In addition, as soon as you download the application, you already earn R$ 10 on your first supply and if you have a PicPay, PagBank or Inter Bank still has additional benefits.

Access the ShellBox:

Duo Gormet

The tip now is for those who can eat out. As Duo Gormet, you pay R$ 49 monthly and have a huge chain of restaurants to save money. It works like this: you go to one of these registered establishments and when you order two dishes, you will pay only one. Ideal for those who go out as a couple or with the family once a week and spend more than R$ 100.

Access Duo Gormet:

Cashback are better than apps to save

Finally, the last tip of the best apps to save money is the cards that offer cashback, the famous cash back. There are several financial institutions that offer the service every time you use your debit or credit card. These are small percentages but they help a lot when accumulated. Examples: PicPay, Banco BMG, Ame Digital, Nubankall of these offer small values ​​that can help a lot in everyday life because the more you use, the more you earn.

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