Company is paying nearly $100,000 to anyone who eats candy

Candy Funhouse, a Canadian candy store, is looking for a chef for three tasters of its products.

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It’s not hard to find someone who is passionate about sweets and isn’t shy about admitting it. The good news for these people is that a company has created a profession responsible for approving these products and offers an annual salary of nearly $100,000.

Candy Funhouse, a Canadian candy store, is looking for a chef for three tasters. Company spokeswoman Vanessa Janakijevski-Rebelo told AFP that in 2021, “candy experts” were hired to taste original flavors and now the company is looking for a candy director, “who will guide our experts down the shortest path.” sweet as possible”.

About the position in the company is paying almost 100 thousand dollars for those who eat sweets

Considering the health risks, the choice of candidates will take place consciously. The taste of the person who is approved will be prepared from a training carried out by specialists.

The employee will have to taste more than 3,000 sweets a month for an annual salary of US$ 78,000 (R$ 410,000), working from home. Among the responsibilities of the position is the approval of new products, the organization of “candy board meetings” and also the role of “head taster”.

Anyone over the age of 5 who lives in North America can apply. According to the report posted on LinkedIn, the requirements include having “an obvious passion for sweets” and having “golden taste buds.”

Companies often pay people to eat candy, chocolates and other goodies

This is not the first time that a company has offered a job offer that has among its main responsibilities the need to taste sweets, chocolates and other goodies.

Among the main intentions of these companies is the desire for products produced to be approved at first to ensure that consumers are also satisfied later on. Generally, many people are interested, but choosing the “perfect” employee for the position is the result of a well-crafted selection process.

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Image: congerdesign /

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