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Cruzeiro ended the journey for the registration of side Marquinhos Cipriano. This Wednesday, the Minas Gerais club had the expected release from FIFA and saw the player’s name published in the CBF’s IDB. Who was also regularized was the side Wesley Gasolina.

Marquinhos Cipriano signed today the federative bond with Cruzeiro, which sent the documentation to the CBF. The Confederation is expected to publish the contract later this Thursday. With the records, Cipriano and Gasolina may appear as a novelty among those related to the game against Chapecoense.

Without the documents sent by the Ukrainian Federation, Cruzeiro activated FIFA – through a request from the CBF – to complete the regularization of the side. The entity issued the International Transfer Certificate.

Marquinhos Cipriano trains with the Cruzeiro group and is ready to play — Photo: Gustavo Aleixo

Marquinhos Cipriano belongs to Shakhtar Donetsk, but his contract is suspended due to the war between Ukraine and Russia. Due to this suspension and due to the failure to send the documentation by the Ukrainian federation, the CBF – after the deliberation of FIFA – may issue a document to finalize the athlete’s registration.

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Unlike the other athletes, who could be registered from the 18th of last month, Cruzeiro was only able to start the procedures for Cipriano’s registration on Monday, August 1st, the date stipulated for registration amid the suspension of contracts with clubs in Russia and Ukraine.

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Marquinhos Cipriano has been in Belo Horizonte since July 11th. Three days later, he started training with the group commanded by Paulo Pezzolano, as well as other reinforcements, while waiting for the transfer window to open.

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Cruzeiro even tried to reach an agreement with Shakhtar, so that Cipriano would arrive on loan, not through the suspension of the contract, but without success. That’s because the player’s contract with the Ukrainians only runs until June 2023. From then on, he will be free to sign with Raposa or any other club. Shakhtar even notified the player of the return, but he refused to comply.

5 Star Partner – Cruzeiro — Photo: Publicity

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