Depp closes millionaire contract amid more scandals: that’s privilege – 08/10/2022

This week, things got a little complicated for Johnny Depp, at least in theory. Over the weekend, new documents about the “trial of the century”, the one between him and his ex Amber Heard, surfaced. And what they show is not good for the image of the actor, who emerged victorious from the trial and was greeted by fans and famous colleagues as an underdog hero.

The documents show that Amber and her defense tried to use super sexist expedients in the trial and were barred by the judge in the case. Among these “evidence” would be nude photos of Amber, a list with the names of her ex-boyfriends and also the fact that she would have worked as a dancer in an erotic club. That is, “evidence” that would only serve to try to take away Amber’s credibility under a sexist bias.

What difference would it make if she took nude pictures? They served to embarrass Amber in the cruelest way. Showing nude photos of ex in court? That would be criminal exposure. So much so that the judge did not accept.

And trying to undermine the credibility of a woman by saying that she would be a call girl or something is also a low expedient and often used in the courts to disqualify women. And again, what difference does it make? Wouldn’t a woman who worked as a dancer be serious under the law?

In a balanced world, Depp would be worried about his image in the midst of these “news”. Celebrities, even, have already realized that supporting him is “film burning” and, according to a survey by the website “Buzzfeed”, they rushed to dislike the post in which the actor celebrates his victory. Among them are model Bella Hadid and actress Halle Berry.

But in the macho upside-down world we live in, Depp probably doesn’t care. He is currently celebrating the signing of a multi-million-dollar contract with Dior, a brand for which he has worked for years as a poster boy for the perfume “Sauvage” (“Savage”, in Portuguese).

Even without these “news”, it would be weird that a man like Depp would start to profit more after the trial that “starred” together with Amber. Yes, he emerged victorious. But the amount of lows exposed, the fact that he has a violent behavior make him an “inspiration” is, to say the least, weird.

Can you imagine that a woman who had this history of drug abuse (an illness) and destructive behavior would be even more heroin and make more money after all this was exposed? I find it difficult.

It is always good to remember that Depp, despite winning the lawsuit, was the guy who exchanged messages saying he wanted to kill his wife, who destroyed a kitchen drunk and who is also accused by other women, such as actress Ellen Barkin, and who would have tried give her a drug with hypnotic ability before sex. Also, she said he would be verbally abusive.

All of this goes to show that despite winning the trial, Depp doesn’t seem at all to be a nice guy with women. But the market and the fashion world seem not to care at all about this. And Depp celebrates.

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