Ex-BBB Sarah Andrade makes her butt “spread” in her tiny thong: “Enjoying”

Enchanted the crowd! Sarah Andrade, who participated in “Big Brother Brasil”, shared new clicks from her trip to Greece over the weekend (07). The influencer talked about the realization of her dreams and left the crowd in love.

+ Sarah Andrade’s tiny swimsuit leaves tourists shocked and muse makes video wiggling

Enjoying the paradisiacal landscape of Mykonos, the influencer took advantage of her stay and showed off her sculptural shape while posing at ease in the bathtub. Sarah stated: “About making dreams come true… You know that place you’ve been telling yourself since you were little that you’re still going to visit? Mine was Greece. Enchanted by the beauty of every corner!”.

“But folks, this is a painting! You have to frame it when you get to BR, see?”, joked a follower in the comments of the image. “Sarah’s beauty is something from another world”, praised another internet user, drooling over the ex-BBB. “A real mermaid”, fired a fan of the influencer. Check the log:

Sarah Andrade opens up about cancellation: “Fear of talking”

How tense! Recently, in an interview with Caras magazine, former BBB Sarah Andrade spoke about what she thinks about the “cancellation” that happens in droves on the social network. The muse commented on how her view changed on the subject after her participation in “Big Brother Brasil”.

“I changed my speaking responsibility a lot. I’ve always been very foul-mouthed, I’m a very intense person, very. Intense to cry, to scream, to love. And I’ve always been too intense to talk too. I’ve always liked to say everything that comes to my mind. […] I was never afraid to speak up, to be myself, in the intense way of being myself”, revealed the blonde.

Sarah also said that she used to “filter” her content: “Sometimes [eu gravo] and I think: ‘Vixi, let me delete this here, maybe they’ll think otherwise’. Oh people, but it’s crazy, this internet, this new world, right? Guys, you could take it a little lighter, right? [apontando para câmera]. Everyone is like that in life, sometimes we say things that have nothing to do with it and then [se torna algo maior]”.

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