Filipe Luis vents and surprises about Flamengo’s squad in an interview

Flamengo beat Corinthians 1-0 last Tuesday (9), in the return leg of the Libertadores quarterfinals. With the result, Rubro-Negro reached the semifinals for the third time in the last four years. The team’s potential leaves even experienced players in awe.

This is the case of Flamengo’s idol, Filipe Luis. The 37-year-old left-back spent most of his career in teams of expression in European football, such as Atlético de Madrid and Chelsea, winning important titles. But the current Flamengo team surprises even someone with so much shooting.

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On his birthday, in an interview after qualifying, Filipe talked about the quality of the group, and was surprised by his response: “There is always room for improvement, learning and growth. This group is very qualified, very, very. Seriously, I’m turning 19 in professional football, and maybe I’m playing in the best group of my career.”

The ace continued talking about the team’s potential: “In training we see the quality of the players, we perceive this energy that we have inside our locker room, the level of quality. So this margin of improvement that we have is very large.”

Regarding the sequence of victories and the great moment, Filipe Luis asked for humility: “In football we know that it is very difficult for you to be bad and start playing well, but it is very fast for you to be well and then to be bad. So we have to have a lot of tranquility and feet on the ground, keep playing with that humility, being solid in the marking and in the defense, but feet on the ground that we still haven’t won anything.”

Flamengo’s next game

After qualifying in Libertadores, Flamengo’s next game is next Sunday, on Father’s Day. Mengão faces Atletico-PR at Maracanã, for the 22nd round of the Brazilian Championship. Nine points behind leader Palmeiras, the victory is essential to stay alive in the search for the title.

However, the same Athletico-PR is the opponent in the middle of next week. But this time for the Copa do Brasil, and away from home, in Paraná. It is the return game of the quarterfinals, and in the first leg the game ended in a 0-0 tie at Maracanã.

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