Find out how to hide phone number on your WhatsApp

Soon, WhatsApp users will be able to remove their phone number from the platform. At least, that’s what Android beta testers recently noticed. The feature is currently under development.

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Find out more about the possibility of taking the messenger’s phone number

Information about the new tool to remove the phone number from WhatsApp came from the specialized website WABetaInfo. According to the data released, users will be able to hide their profile numbers and not let any contact know this information, but so far only in certain groups in the Android application it was possible to notice the change.

By default, the option is inactive, which means you will need to enable it. The phone number of the person joining the app will not appear by default. But after the user joins a certain group of users it will be possible to make their number visible, but only to the members of the group.

The screenshot allows you to assess how the innovation will look in the group settings. The functionality looks very similar to what the competitor Telegram already has on its platform, for example.

When will the novelty be released definitively?

There is still no prospect of release of the novelty, but soon it should be officially announced by the developers of Meta.

Until then, you will need to have a little more patience to be able to hide your phone number within WhatsApp.

Bonus: tip for anonymous browsing on WhatsApp

If you’re looking for anonymity within the most popular messenger on the planet, you’ve come to the right place. Just follow a few simple steps to hide the name on WhatsApp. This will make life difficult for people who are not there to do good things.

Step by step:

1 – The first thing to do is open Google and enter the code: Unicode U+2800;

2 – Then, click on the first search result;

3 – Now, do the following: copy the blank space.

4 – Paste what was copied in the ‘Edit’ space of your WhatsApp username;

5 – To finish the procedure you need to click on “save”.

Ready. From now on, no information will appear related to your name within the messaging app. That way, only your phone number will be visible for other users to see. However, if the person has a contact from you, they will have information about your number.

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