Fla is not willing to pay ‘Vidal level’ salary and reinforcement stays for a signature to play in a rival from São Paulo


Mengão keeps an eye on the ball market to look for the latest reinforcements

- Vidal
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Flamengo fans are happy with the classification for the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores da América. The team has been working hard and shows with each game that it is looking for something bigger, important titles. This “hunger” draws a lot of attention, something that had been lost with the last trillers and Dorival arrived to put the house in order.

Regarding the ball market, Flamengo adopts a strategy of silence as for the arrival of Oscar. The Chinese are very demanding and strict about many things, and they don’t like a lot of media. Therefore, the CRF preaches caution to announce the ace, even if everything is aligned, just needing to become official.

At the other end, the vice president of Flamengo football, is attentive to the market with an eye on other options. After bringing Cebolinha, Flamengo thought about hiring another striker, as the former Benfica player arrives to be a speed bump. The idea was to look for an attacking midfielder, who does some different functions. It is in this context that Soteldo’s name was once again suggested by agents.

O Venezuelan is unhappy at América, from Mexico, and has decided to return to Brazilian football. Flamengo even evaluated the name as interesting, but did not decide to open negotiations for the amounts involved. The Mexicans agree to lend it, but the demand made it startle: they want interested parties to pay the short person’s salaries in full, just over R$ 1 million per month.

In Flamengo’s view, it doesn’t make sense to bring a player of that level to be a reserve and receive very high values, figures just a little below names like Gabigol, Arrascaeta, Vidal and David Luiz. Santos approached in the last hours of his signing and is seeking financial engineering to announce the return of the striker.

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