“Glued in the locker room”; Sassá touches on Cruzeiro’s past and exposes Fred’s mockery that weighed heavily on Thiago Neves’ mind


Sassá and Fred were partners at Toca from 2018 to 2019

Fred and Sassá training at Toca, in 2018 - Photo: Vinnicius Silva/Cruzeiro
Fred and Sassá training at Toca, in 2018 – Photo: Vinnicius Silva/Cruzeiro

The details of a controversial and remarkable audio leaked from the backstage of the cruise returned to the surface after the interview of the striker Sassá to the Charla Podcast. The player played for Clube Celeste in 2019 and experienced the famous case in which Thiago Neves sent a voice message to the then president of the club. Fox, Zezé Perrella. The episode became known as “Fala, Zezé”.

The protagonist of Sassá’s ‘review’ is the center forward Fred, who played for Cruzeiro and unleashed his creativity to make fun of Thiago Neves: “Fred took this stop by Thiago Neves, from ‘Fala, Zezé, good morning, man’ and translated it into all languages. All. And he pasted the phrases in the locker room. Fred is very review.”

The phase at Toca was sinister, so much so that the season ended with Cabuloso’s relegation, however, the atmosphere was friendly and the jokes between the cast members hovered in the locker room. Sassá addressed another comical situation involving Fred: “He has a damn expensive perfume, which costs like R$3,000. Then I would take his perfume to go train and he would be like: ‘Gee, Sassá, for God’s sake’. day I would arrive, go to his closet and put on the perfume”.

The audio of midfielder Thiago Neves questioned the manager Zezé Perrella days before the match against CSA, trying to negotiate the payment of the athletes’ salaries. The audio leaked and reverberated a lot on social media. Thiago Neves, in an interview with Pilhado channel, commented on the situation: “How it leaked, I don’t know. Then I ask you what I would gain by leaking the audio. I didn’t send the audio to my manager or my wife, people who I trust it more, I didn’t send it to anyone. Why would I leak a charge audio? There’s no reason. I asked that to Zezé and he didn’t know how to answer me, “said the former Cruzeiro player.

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