“Gooseberry said by you…”; Zico invokes FIFA to stop Palmeiras’ supposed advantage and raises Palestinian anger on the web

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Ídolo do Flamengo detailed what he believes to be an asset of Verdão that should be punished by the highest football entity

Photo: Reproduction PODCAST REIS DA RESENHA - Jovem Pan Esportes
Photo: Reproduction PODCAST REIS DA RESENHA – Jovem Pan Esportes

O palm trees is the team to beat. The strong and consistent campaign of the Alviverde from Antarctica Park worries rivals and brings out the potential of a history-making cast. However, there are controversies about the Palestinian force and a statement made by former player Zico raised the ire of Palestra’s fans.

For the former number 10 shirt of the National Team and Flamengo idol, Palmeiras has an advantage: the synthetic turf and that should not be allowed: “Palmeiras has a special field for him, different, that the others do not have: the synthetic turf. It’s a big difference, faster ball. No team trains on a synthetic field, they train and play. Palmeiras will play 20 times in their arena, just like Athletico, and you will play once. You have to find a way to train to adapt. That counts a lot. It counts a lot, it’s not a little, a lot! I think (wrong to be synthetic). I think it should all be the same. It makes a big difference. I don’t understand why FIFA releases this”, said Zico in an interview with the Reis da Resenha podcast.

Zico’s explanation about a supposed advantage of Verdão with leniency from FIFA, was the cue for the Palmeiras fans to revolt and numbers came to light, so that the ex-player’s argument was contested, such as the fact that the Palestra to be the best visitor of the Brasileirão and set a record never seen in Libertadores, with 20 undefeated matches outside Allianz Parque.

As it could not be overlooked, due to the identification that Zico has with one of Palmeiras’ biggest rivals, many also accused the speech of the former number 10 of Gávea as a statement of “elbow pain”. In this case, the argument was more emphatic, because the example of Verdão’s victory in winning the Tri da Libertadores over Flamengo, in Uruguayan fields, far from the Palestinian home.

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