Leaked image shows possible new Xbox Elite 2 controller color

The white Xbox Elite 2 controller could be announced soon by Microsoft, according to photos and videos

O Xbox Elite 2 Controller, control with customization options and Microsoft console optimization, was announced in 2020 in a black model, and since then no new variants have been made available. Now, two years later, the landscape may be changing, with photos and videos indicating the launch of a white version of the accessory.

In videos posted by an account of YouTube called Nicholas Lugo, posted three weeks ago, it is possible to see the white version of the device, which has grips black. The person responsible for the video claims that the accessory was obtained in the US – but it is not known how exactly he got the device, if it was in a store or if he had access to one before the sale and announcement of the model by Microsoft.

Considering that in August we have the gamescomthe same event as the first Xbox Elite Controller had a white version announced in 2018, it is possible that we will have news by the end of the month about the equipment – ​​at the same time, nothing guarantees that it is 100% real either, it may just be a customization that the YouTube user is selling as a new version

It’s not the first time an Xbox controller has leaked

control leaks Xbox are not news. In 2020, before the announcement of the Xbox Series Sa white controller in the shape of Microsoft’s new consoles appeared in stores, with specs indicating its compatibility with Microsoft’s all-digital console. Microsoft.

O Xbox Adaptive Controller was also leaked a few days before its official announcement in May 2018 – thus making the family of consoles from Microsoft products accustomed to leaks, thus giving a certain credibility to the existence of the white Elite 2.

Microsoft releases more Xbox Series S memory to developers

Microsoft releases more Xbox Series S memory to developers
The company claims that hundreds of megabytes were released in the new development kit


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