Maduro campaigns and demands the return of the Boeing 747-300M held in Argentina

Emtrasur Boeing 747-300M – Disclosure – Conviasa

Venezuela has started a campaign to demand that Argentina return the Boeing 747-300M from Emtrasur, a subsidiary of state-owned airline Conviasa. The demand comes after the US asked the neighboring country of Brazil to definitively seize the Jumbo.

The aircraft, registered under registration YV3531, has been held at Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires since early June, shrouded in a judicial investigation into possible links between the plane’s crew members and Middle Eastern terrorist groups.

Using the hashtag #DevolvenElAvion (Devolve the Plane), the entire arc of Venezuelan institutions linked to the aeronautics, but also from other areas of the government, support Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, who spoke about this during a speech last Friday ( 5), as reported by the website Aviacionline.

Someday the hour of justice will come, someday the moment of truth will come, and this wealth, these goods, this gold, these planes, as in the case of Argentina, which belongs to Venezuela, we will recover from the blatant kidnappings and robberies.”, pointed out Maduro.

Now they intend to steal a plane legally owned by Venezuela in Argentina by order of an imperial court in the state of Florida in the United States, they intend to steal a modern cargo plane“, continued the president.

Our Venezuela raises its protest and asks for all the support of the Argentine people to recover that plane that belongs to a Venezuelan company and pretends to be stolen after having hijacked it for two months, just like our gold was stolen in Londons”, concluded Maduro, referring to the confiscations to which other Venezuelan assets abroad were subjected, within the scope of different sanctions applied to his country.

Diosdado Cabello, first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, also spoke about the Boeing 747 case, saying that “the Argentine government is on the side of those who ran over the people of Venezuela (…) We demand that the Venezuelan plane be returned to the government of Mr. Fernández and that this plane be returned to our territory as soon as possible”.

That plane was not carrying weapons, that plane was not jeopardizing anyone’s safety, on the contrary, they jeopardized the safety of the crew by denying them fuel and putting them in orbit until they ran out of fuel.,” added Hair.

Last week, as reported by AEROIN, the United States Department of Justice asked Argentine authorities to seize the Boeing 747-300M, claiming that, as an American-made aircraft, it is subject to confiscation.

The reason is the alleged violations of export control laws related to the unauthorized transfer of the plane from Mahan Air (a company affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Force-Qods/IRGC-QF) to Emtrasur, a subsidiary of Conviasa.

The Boeing 747-300M was held up at Ezeiza airport on June 8 after Uruguay denied authorization to enter its airspace and it had to return to Argentina.

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