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Months after the first news about its development, the film Carter was officially launched by Netflix as one of their new original projects. And so, now we have gathered the main details of its plot and production in a single text.

The story of the Carter series

His name is Carter. Please trust me if you want to survive. A pandemic originating in the Korean Demilitarized Zone is ravaging the United States and North Korea. Two months later, Carter wakes up with no memory, with a mysterious device in his head, a lethal bomb inside his mouth, and taking orders from a strange voice.

The bomb could be detonated at any time unless he rescues the girl who is the only antidote to the virus. But for that, he will have to face the CIA and a coup in North Korea. To complete the mission, Carter needs to go North and find the girl. This long-shot action movie follows one man’s struggle for survival.

Cast and production

The film’s cast is made up of Joo Won like Carter Lee, Kim Bo-Min as Ha-na Jung, Sung-Jae Lee as Jong-hyuk Kim, Camilla Belle like Agnes, Mike Colter, Enrico Dennis, Jason Nelson, Simon Rhee, Jeong Sori, between others.

Byung-gil Jung is responsible for directing the film, in addition to signing the script alongside Byeong-sik Jung.

Carter is one of the highlights of movies of the moment on Netflix

Having been added to the catalog of Netflix last week the movie Carter quickly arrived at TOP 10 of the streaming platform. And at the moment, the project is in second place in the list of films, behind only Continuity to Love.

The complete list of TOP 10 of films in the country at the moment is composed of: Salute to Love, Carter, Wedding Season, Darlings, Extraordinary, The Flight, Hidden Agent, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Angel Gaze, Beast of the Sea.

Check out the movie trailer:

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