Netflix Film Adaptation of ‘Palace of the Drowned’

What’s on Netflix has discovered that Netflix is ​​adding another period thriller to its movie arsenal, with the streamer developing an adaptation of Christine Mangan’s novel. Palace of the Drowned.

Two sources indicate that the feature is tied to Netflix, which is based on the novel by esteemed author Christine Mangan. Mangan is best known for her 2018 novel, Tangerine.

First published in June 2021, it debuted to rave reviews from the likes of the NYTimes and the Washington Post. The Post said:

“If you like your psychological thriller stories awash in atmosphere, soaked in dread, positively soaked in sinister, Christine Mangan’s ‘Palace of the Drowned’ is for you.”

palace of the drowned book christine mangan netflix

Christine Mangan and the Palace of the Drowned book cover

We understand that the book options were chosen by Netflix shortly after the book was released, with the intention of adapting it in some way. Now, more than a year later, we can confirm that a film adaptation is what Netflix has in mind for the title.

Here’s a summary of what the book is about and therefore what we can expect from the film:

“It’s 1966 and Frankie Croy retires to her friend’s vacant palace in Venice. Years have passed since the initial success of Frankie’s debut novel and she has spent her career trying to live up to expectations. Now, after a particularly scathing review of her most recent work, coupled with a very public meltdown, she needs to recharge and get inspired again.

Then Gilly appears. A precocious young admirer and eager to make friends, Gilly seems determined to insinuate herself into Frankie’s lonely life. But there’s something about the young woman that makes Frankie hesitate. How much of what Gilly tells her is true? As a series of lies and revelations emerge, the lives of these two women will be tragically changed as the catastrophic 1966 Venice floods devastate the city.

Suspenseful and thrilling, Christine Mangan’s Palace of the Drowned brings the mystery of Venice to life while telling a twisted story of ambition and human nature.”

laura dern nicole kidman eyeing the drowned palace adaptation netflix

Laura Dern and Nicole Kidman – Photos: Getty Images

As noted, we’re hearing that actresses Nicole Kidman and Luara Dern are linked to the project.

Dern is eyeing the role of Frankie Croy, while Kidman is eyeing the role of Gilly (the story’s villain), both of which are featured in the book.

Both actresses are working with Netflix on several other projects.

Laura Dern worked with Netflix on wedding story, for which she won an Oscar. Also in the pipeline for the actress is a new Netflix movie called lonely planetwhere she will star opposite Liam Hemsworth.

Nicole Kidman is also linked to another Netflix movie in the form of an untitled rom-com (which we now understand to be called the family case) alongside Zac Efron and Joey King.

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