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Three new functions have just been confirmed for WhatsApp. All of them are privacy oriented and should give the user more control over how and with whom they interact on the platform.

The first of these is the silent departure of groups. The novelty is already available in the messenger and should gradually reach all users. Whenever you are included in a group without accepting it or that you are tired of interacting in one of these collectivities, the user will be able to leave without all the other participants being notified. Until now, a message was posted in the group to inform this exit. This will no longer occur and only administrators will be notified.

Another new feature coming to the platform — and this one will be available in the coming weeks — is the ability to hide the “online” and “last seen” statuses. You know when you send a message and the person takes a long time to respond? You check if she’s online, right? With the new function, each user will have the option to define whether they want to make this information visible or not.

The last confirmed novelty is the blocking of prints in single-view messages. Photos and videos that can only be viewed once will no longer be able to have the screen captured — as this, in a way, invalidates the feature, because the idea of ​​the function is to prevent that content from being forwarded or stored. The option to prevent screenshotting is still in testing, but should be released to the public soon.

According to WhatsApp, the purpose of these new functions is to offer an extra layer of protection for users, since it increases control over the messages exchanged in the application. Ami Vora, vice president of product at WhatsApp, highlights that the new features are a way for the platform to maintain the privacy of messages. “We believe WhatsApp is the safest place to have a private conversation.”

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