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Since the pandemic, the home office and online meetings have established themselves as important means for companies to maintain the flow of work.

Technology is fundamental to this corporate communication. However, some actions need care, especially with regard to the use of emojis in the professional environment.

A survey carried out by the companies Slack and Duolingo with more than 9,000 workers who did hybrid work (on-site and from home) in the United States, Asia and Europe analyzed how these people used, or not, emojis in corporate messages.

In responses, 53% of professionals said they include emojis in messages sent to co-workers. On the other hand, 30% said they never send “happy faces” to bosses.

Interestingly, most of those who are head of human resources or manager said that language with emojis facilitates communication, being more efficient and saving words.

However, some of the drawings, very popular on cell phone keyboards, are considered prohibited by research participants, such as the kiss, tongue, stool and eggplant emojis.

the favorite

The emoji that shows the face with the smiling mouth is used by 39% of people in the corporate environment, as it represents “general positivity”.

According to Unicode data, there are over 3,600 emoji options. That is, quantity is not a problem to include the faces in the messages, as long as they are used responsibly in the work environment to avoid problems.

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