Romance with Natalie Portman and Policeman with Patrick Swayze are highlights

The month of August began and with it the Eba channel!new streaming on YouTube, which brings several 100% free movies weekly, offers a fun and exciting romantic comedy and a thriller, both in dubbed versions and with a large cast.

The first release of the week is the novel “Where the Heart Lives” (Where the Heart is), starring Natalie Portman, from filmmaker Matt Williams. Portman plays the character Novalee Nation, a 17-year-old pregnant and aimless.

For fans of a good cop, we have “Letters from a Killer”, by filmmaker David Carson and starring Patrick Swayze. Swayze plays a man falsely convicted of murdering his wife.

Check out posters, synopses and links to the full films below:

where the heart lives


Natalie Portman plays Novalee Nation, a 17-year-old who is pregnant and has never had a real family. The closest she’s ever been to a family was with her selfish boyfriend, Willy Jack, with whom she’s traveling to California.

But in the middle of the trip, Willy abandons her, and alone and without money, Novalee hangs around a Walmart store and there ends up going into labor and giving birth to a child.

Now, she meets new friends and becomes part of a conventional family that will help her transform from a homeless teenager to a strong, successful woman.

Letters from an Assassin


Crime film starring Patrick Swayze as a man who is falsely convicted of the murder of his wife. During his time in prison, he finds comfort in four women he corresponds with.

After his second court appearance, he is finally released from prison only to be charged with two more murders he didn’t commit.

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