see five tools launched in the app in 2022 and how to activate

Since last year, WhatsApp has been trying to add tools to the messenger to please users who use the platform daily. Under the umbrella of Meta, a former Facebook holding company created by Mark Zuckerberg, some of the main requests from the public were met by the app this year 2022.

From audio resources to groups and reactions in messages, the main messenger used in Brazil has gained tools that help make communication through the app easier and less “noisy”.

We recap five major updates WhatsApp has made this year. See what they are:

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The most recent novelty of Zuckerberg’s messenger is one that many users often asked for: the possibility to “silently” leave WhatsApp groups, that is, without the other participants in the conversation being notified. According to the app, only administrators will know about the output.

The feature was announced in August and has already been released to users with the latest version of the app. To leave the group without the participants noticing it is necessary to click on the name of the group and then click on “leave”. The information that only administrators will receive notification of the exit appears automatically.

Another “trick” also launched this August was the possibility of hiding one’s “online” status from other people. The novelty gradually arrives for users until the end of this month, says WhatsApp. According to Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, the goal is to provide more functions for users to control their own privacy.

To hide the “online” status in the app, you need to access the settings menu, click on “account”, then “privacy” and select the option “last seen and online”.

WhatsApp announces privacy features such as silent group exit and online status omission
WhatsApp announces privacy features such as silent group exit and online status omission

Among the audio functions, a successful launch was the possibility to continue listening to a voice message even if the user enters different conversations in the app. Since March it is possible to see a stripe at the top of the screen, which indicates the audio being heard and the commands to pause and resume playback.

The update, released in May of this year, allows users to react with emojis to messages, with options to like, give thumbs up and use smiley faces in the app. Initially, the function was launched with seven options, but Whatsapp has expanded reactions to all emojis registered on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems. To select, just click on the smiley icon next to the message bubble and choose the reaction.

The feature is not something new — the messaging app’s biggest rival, Telegram, already had the reactions since the end of last year. Facebook’s messaging service, Messenger, also already had this possibility.

Gradually launched all over the world, the Communities tab is a kind of “folder” of subjects on the same topic and should be able to gather up to 10 groups per topic. According to the company, it is a way to improve the organization of groups and facilitate the sending of notices or communications in common. The feature allows users to gather multiple groups within the same space and forward the same messages.

The function has been available since April, but it should still take a while to arrive in the country. WhatsApp has an agreement with the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) not to implement significant changes to the app’s functionality in the country until the end of this year’s presidential elections – the messenger was considered one of the main vectors of disinformation in the 2018 election and had been taking measures to try to reduce this impact.

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