Selena Gomez uses Tik Tok to hint at her upcoming release

Selena Gomez has been working in the art field as a singer and actress since she was a child, however, she is also a stylist, model, voice actress and executive producer. In a brief video published on Tik Tok last weekend, with only images and phone, the actress offered clues to her countless fans, that good things are coming. Until an hour ago, the video had already surpassed the mark of almost one million hits. His most recent success has a partnership with Coldplay, on the track Let Somebody Go.

Gomez has many fans in Brazil and at the end of June, presenter and actress Maisa Silva met with the American actress and singer, in a closed event in Los Angeles, by the brand Sephora. Maisa took pictures, with the right to knit and tie the American artist.

Actress and singer Selena Gomez on digital social networks. (Photo Reproduction/Capricho)

Billboard in 2017 reported that Gomez already had the worldwide mark of more than 7 million in album sales and more than 20 million singles. In the same year, she won the Billboard Woman of the Year Award. Furthermore, she was considered the most followed person on social media for three years from 2015 to 2018.

Selena has concerns outside of music and film. 13 years ago, she became an ambassador for UNICEF and the “We Movement”. In 2019 he joins Michelle Obama in the project “When We All Vote”, encouraging young Americans to participate a little more in the country’s political life. His concern for the environment and political correctness is evident, from the launch of biodegradable clothing or perfume, to social inclusion movements, promoting equality and equality in communities.

Apparently, her fans around the world can expect new hits in the voice of the American singer soon.

Featured Photo: Selena Gomez. Playback/youtube .

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