These professions allow you to work with the Metaverse

The Metaverse’s promise is to bring together the real and virtual worlds and this concept is not far from reality.


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The Metaverse has advanced in recent months, presenting a world hitherto unknown to many. In 2021, when Facebook announced its goal of transforming itself into a “metaverse company”, the term became popular and, from what has been observed, only tends to grow.

Despite major portals, websites, vehicles, forums and communities starting to talk more about the subject, the Metaverse is still not well known by the general public and it is not difficult to find someone who has no idea what this new universe is about.

The Metaverse’s promise is to bring together the real and virtual worlds. This concept is not far from reality and is already giving space for some professionals to gain prominence. Therefore, interested parties need to be aware of job opportunities that may arise.

Within the innovative universe, people have the possibility to interact, study, work and conquer a social life through the use of their avatars. There are positions dedicated to the development of Metaverso and the demand for professionals to work in the area is already high.

To IstoÉ Dinheiro, Tatiany Melecchi, who is CEO of Transforma People & Performance Consulting, pointed out that Brazil does not have many workers in the technology area. According to the executive, this situation makes it difficult for many companies to find qualified professionals in the sector.

Tatiany, however, stressed that the introduction of the metaverse can make the national market busy. By 2024, 70,000 specialized professionals will be needed to fill all available vacancies, and Brazil only trains 46,000 people per year to work in the area.

Faced with the growing demand and the lack of people who know and know how to deal with the new universe, Salaries offered can exceed BRL 30,000 per month. So, check below for professions that allow you to work with the Metaverse!

Metaverse Architect

The architect of the new universe is the professional hired to build both the programming part and the visual part of the Metaverse. To give you an idea, this professional is already relevant to the creation of cryptogames.

hardware builder

The hardware builder is responsible for the development of the worlds, parks, companies, in addition to all other locations. Thus, he develops sensors, gloves, cameras, headsets and virtual glasses (VR) used by people for greater immersion in the Metaverse.

Digital Manager specialized in Metaverse

The Digital Manager is very important for the process of implementing the new universe in companies. This professional can act in different ways, such as:

  • Independent consultants;
  • Employees of large companies;
  • Startup creators specialized in Metaverse.

Metaverse Ad Specialist

In this career, the professional needs to be in the area of ​​advertising, advertising and marketing specialized in the new universe. In this way, it is he who is responsible for offering announcements about the new virtual reality.

Metaverse Cybersecurity Specialist

Professional responsible for preventing online attacks, data theft, hackers and technological scams. Therefore, he must know how the development of secure technologies and ecosystem works, as well as understand the functionality of the Metaverse and the security system.

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