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You must have noticed that Instagram has been receiving a series of updates, right? Many of them brought tools required for a long time by users, but others not so much. Because of this, the social network of the Meta group has become completely different from what it was in the beginning, reducing the experience of just enjoying photos and videos with your friends.

Because of this, we prepared some tips for instagram that will greatly improve your experience.

The problem with the new Instagram feed, tips for dealing with it

There’s nowhere to run, in a few minutes walking through the feed you start getting a series of “reels” from celebrities, which turns the app into an annoying copy of TikTok. This is a change that has not pleased users at all, especially the simpler ones. Even big celebrities like Kim Kardashian complained about these updates.

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Unfortunately, the developers seem determined to keep these updates, even if it’s against their billions of users.

Tips to improve your Instagram experience

Block suggested posts

Suggested posts are being considered real pests, as much as they sometimes get it right by showing content that you can enjoy. After all, for the most part, they are just random things that you have no interest in.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to disable this function, but you can “defer” them for a month. To do this, just click on the X in the upper right corner of the post and select “Enable snooze mode for all suggested posts in feed for 30 days”.

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Avoid the default app feed

If your goal is to avoid irrelevant posts, you should use feeds “Following” or “favorites”. That way, you’ll be able to view only content that interests you, all without ads or suggested posts.

To do this, just tap on “Instagram” in the main feed and choose the “Following” option. If you are looking for more specific content, just invest in the favorites tool.

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