Vasco continues to disappoint away from home in Serie B and lost 3-1 to Ponte Preta, this Tuesday, in Campinas. With the result, the Cruzmaltinos follow with 39 points, in fourth position. Already the paulistas reached 29 points and moved away from the relegation zone.

In the first half, Ponte Preta opened the scoring, with Wallisson. Vasco reached the tie still in the initial stage, with Raniel. In the second half, the hosts won, with Lucca and Fessin.

In the first half, Ponte Preta opened the scoring, with Wallisson. Vasco reached the tie still in the initial stage, with Raniel. In the second half, the hosts won, with Lucca and Fessin.

In the next round, Vasco receives Tombense, this Saturday, in São Januário. The day before, Ponte Preta travels to face Brusque.


Ponte Preta started better and opened the scoring after seven minutes. Wallisson took advantage of the cross and headed towards the goal. Thiago Rodrigues still tried to make a defense, but the ball went into the net.

Shortly after the home team’s goal, the match was stopped for a few minutes due to a fight between the fans in the stands. The players went close to the place to ask for calm.

After the setback, Vasco started to look for the attack, but missed a lot. Ponte Preta retreated and tried to advance in counterattacks, without success. The Cariocas only created their first scoring chance in the 33rd minute. Raniel took advantage of the cross, but headed over the crossbar.

It didn’t take long and Vasco reached the tie, in the 34th minute. Alex Teixeira took a free-kick in the area and Raniel swept his head into the net.

After the Cruzmaltino goal, the duel was open. Ponte Preta and Vasco took an offensive stance in search of the goal. The Cariocas almost turned around with Gabriel Pec, but goalkeeper Caique França made a good save. Before the break, Raniel received a pass in the area, but sent it through the back line. Thus, the confrontation remained the same in the initial stage.

In the second half, Vasco came back better. So much so that the Cruzmaltinos almost scored with one minute, with Figueiredo. Afterwards, Alex Teixeira finished for the goal, but the ball hit Andrey on the way. Ponte Preta’s answer came with Wallisson. The striker scored after a foul charged in the area, but the ball went over the crossbar.

From there, the hosts began to dominate the game. Ponte Preta almost scored in the 17th minute, with Elvis, kicking from outside the area. Then Vasco even put the ball in the net with Raniel, but the goal was disallowed by the attacker’s offside.

The visitors then returned to scare in the 31st minute. Eguinaldo received a pass in the area and kicked for a good defense by Caíque França. But Ponte Preta’s answer came in grand style three minutes later. After a corner kick, the ball was anchored and it was left for Lucca to just push it into the net.

Finally, the setback made Vasco advance in search of a tie. However, Ponte Preta expanded in the 38th minute, on a counterattack. The ball arrived in Fessin to guarantee the triumph of the hosts in Campinas.



Location: Moisés Lucarelli Stadium, in Campinas (SP)

Date: Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Time: 20:30 (Brasilia)

Referee: Anderson Daronco (RS-Fifa)

Assistants: Rafael da Silva Alves (RS-Fifa) Hugo Savio Xavier Correa (GO)

VAR: Adriano Milczvski (PR)

Yellow cards: Felipe Amaral, Caique França, Mateus Silva and Elvis (Ponte Preta); Léo Matos and Alex Teixeira (Vasco)


PONTE PRETA: Walisson, at 7min of the first half; Lucca, at 34min of the second half; Fessin, at 38min of the second half

VASCO: Raniel, at 34min of the first half

PONTE PRETA: Caique França, Igor Formiga (Bernardo), Mateus Silva, Fábio Sanches and Artur; Felipe Amaral (Wesley Fraga), Léo Naldi, Wallisson (Fessin) and Elvis (Wesley); Everton (Nicolas) and Lucca

Coach: Hélio dos Anjos

VASCO: Thiago Rodrigues, Léo Matos (Matheus Ribeiro), Quintero, Anderson Conceição and Edimar; Zé Gabriel (Bruno Tubarão), Andrey dos Santos, Marlon Gomes and Alex Teixeira (Fábio Gomes); Gabriel Pec (Figueiredo) and Raniel (Eguinaldo)

Coach: Emílio Faro (Interim)





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Col. Name Average Col. in the year Average in the year
1st Marlon Gomes 6.69 * 6.24
2nd Eguinaldo 5.72 * 5.96
3rd Alex Teixeira 5.15 * 5.24
4th Andrey Santos 4.99 2nd 6.42
5th Figueiredo 4.42 8th 5.44
6th Thiago Rodrigues 3.64 1st 6.96
7th raniel 3.58 14th 4.77
8th Emílio Faro 3.14 * 6.41
9th Gabriel Pec 3.11 7th 5.51
10th Quintero 2.47 9th 5.44
11th edimar 2.27 17th 4.39
12th Anderson Conceição 2.22 4th 5.98
13th Bruno Tubarão 2.17 * 2.17
14th Leo Matos 2.06 16th 4.42
15th Fábio Gomes 1.98 * 1.98
16th Zé Gabriel 1.74 20th 4.16
17th Matheus Ribeiro 1.19 * 1.19

* = unranked (less than 10 games) | Total votes: 1175 | Ranking 2022

Source: Gazeta Esportiva (text, file), ge (video, photos), Twitter Acerj (statistics), Vasco’s official Flickr (photos)

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