Vítor Pereira raises the tone at the press conference and explains the lineup

Shortly after the elimination of Corinthians in the quarterfinals of Libertadores, with a 1-0 defeat to Flamengo, coach Vítor Pereira raised the tone in his press conference. He defended his squad management and valuing the alvinegra campaign in the competition.

“The medallions don’t play because we can’t play with one team and then take it all off to put another one [de um jogo para outro]. We don’t have this whole solution. We had to play three days ago, and I felt like some of them were on the physical edge. Only those who don’t know anything about football, have never trained at the intensity that is played now, don’t understand that they have to make substitutions. They would be incapable of putting pressure on them”, said the coach, referring to the draw against Avaí last Saturday (6).

“You can’t play every three days, the player doesn’t respond. Renato played 30 minutes in the last game, today he played 45, you have to be careful. Balbuena was tired, with fatigue, so some mistakes that are not normal Did Róger go to the limit? We couldn’t come here unbalanced”, continued Vítor Pereira, who at one point hit back.

“What are the medallions? What are the players that said I had to use in the game? I sometimes get lost. Giuliano has played all the games. When he plays, he is criticized; when he doesn’t play, he should play. I don’t understand Our work is competent, rigorous. If we have to manage, it’s because I feel we have to manage. I’m proud of what the team did. Strategically it was a well-crafted game until their goal”, added the Corinthians coach.

Vítor Pereira also valued Alvinegro’s campaign in Libertadores. Asked about the two victories and five goals in ten matches in the competition, the coach again raised the tone.

“When Corinthians reached this stage [quartas de final]? How long has it not arrived? 10 years ago? There’s the answer. We had ten players out [por desfalque] at a height. Corinthians was eliminated by Flamengo, which has a squad. We cannot compare one thing with the other”, argued the coach.

VP and Corinthians now turn their attention to the Brasileirão and the Copa do Brasil. The team has a classic against Palmeiras on Saturday (13), at home, for the points scored; and four days later they need to reverse the disadvantage by 2 to 0 against Atlético-GO in the national knockout.

Technician avoids talking about Willian, but president speaks

Asked about the possible departure of shirt number 10 from Corinthians, Vítor Pereira preferred not to address the matter in the interview. “This question is for the board. It has to answer this question. It’s not up to me,” he replied. Shortly afterwards, in the mixed zone of Maracanã, President Duílio Monteiro Alves actually spoke about Willian.

“I don’t want to talk about this subject so as not to omit anything. We scheduled a conversation after today’s game. With the elimination, tomorrow (10) in the morning we’ll talk and if anything really changes… He has a contract until the end next year, but we’ll leave that to solve tomorrow. We just got out of an elimination and I don’t want to omit anything”, admitted the alvinegro president.

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