Vivo increases the franchise for Selfie, Family and Control plans at no additional cost

Vivo expanded the data allowance of post and control plans to its customers, without increasing the monthly amount. Now, all Vivo Selfie packages have gained another 5 GB generic and another 5 GB destined for the additional service linked. Family packages can expand up to 60 GB more. In the case of Control mode, the high can reach up to 4 GB.

TudoCelular received the information through a screenshot of a user of the operator in Rio de Janeiro, in the alternative with Premiere. Until then, it had 35 GB of general allowance + 35 GB for the use of Grupo Globo’s sports platform. With the change, it will have 40 GB + 40 GB, as you can see below.

When consulting the operator’s website, it is possible to see that the change was also applied to other postpaid plans of the Selfie family. The options with Globoplay, Netflix, Disney Plus and Telecine went from 25 GB + 25 GB to 30 GB + 30 GB. The alternative with Amazon Prime Video has gone up from 15GB + 15GB to 20GB + 20GB.

The highlight of Vivo Post Família is in the 140 GB plan, which has now migrated to a base 200 GB. In turn, the 80 GB increased to 100 GB, while the one that offered this amount increased to 150 GB. In the case of Vivo Controle, the increase can reach up to 4 GB, as in the old 8 GB package, which went up to 12 GB.

Vivo announces that it will pass on reduction

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02 Aug


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Plan change was not to compensate ICMS

Although Vivo’s president, Christian Gebara, assured that he would pass on the discount for the reduction of ICMS to the subscriber, the bill did not suffer any drop in its cost. The change in the tax rate has already been inserted, but without changing the final monthly fee.

It is worth mentioning that, legally, there is no obligation for operators to pass on the discount to the subscriber. However, the measure was expected, since there was a commitment made by the president.

As the announcement to users of the change in the plan’s deductible took place on the day after the deadline to implement the ICMS reduction, the question arose as to whether the increase in available data could be a way of compensating for the non-transfer of the discount to the consumer.

To clear up this doubt, TudoCelular got in touch with Vivo’s advisors. According to the operator’s official position, the changes in the plans have nothing to do with the lack of transfer of the tax discount to the customer.

“Vivo informs that the Post and Control Plans have more data for a better experience for our customers. The initiative also aims to make the 5G experience even more complete, ensuring more internet for the customer to use as they wish. With the new portfolio, Vivo Post Selfie and Family customers have the possibility to receive up to 60GB more, as for example in the 140GB Family plan, which has been increased to 200GB. In the Controles plans, the increase can reach up to 4GB, as in the old Vivo Controle 8GB, which now has 12GB.”


So, did you like the expansion of the Vivo Selfie plan franchises? Did you also expect to receive the ICMS discount on your account? Leave your opinion in the comments below.

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