Vivo reduces internet for pre-Oi Mobile customers who will be migrated

As well as control and postpaid customers, a portion of Oi’s prepaid customers will be migrated to Vivo. With that, the operator released on its website, a page containing information about how the plan will be for prepaid users who will be migrated, and it seems that there will be a big change. It turns out that, according to the statement, the recharges of these users will have a reduction in the mobile internet allowance.

To understand better. Oi’s prepaid service works as follows: for every R$1 that the customer loaded, it was converted into 1 GB of internet. For example: in the R$ 10 recharge, the customer was entitled to 10 GB, unlimited calls, in addition to social networks at will for 7 days. For a BRL 25 recharge, it was possible to get 25 GB of internet, valid for 31 days.

According to the table provided by Vivo, these customers will have a reduction in their deductible, which will certainly make a big difference. At the operator, the same R$ 10 recharge will entitle you to only 2 GB of mobile internet, while the R$ 25 recharge will be converted into just 9 GB.

Although the large reduction is clear, the operator is contradictory when it states on its website that “the benefits you had at Oi Móvel do not change. They are proportional to the recharge value available on your line”.

Check out the values ​​of recharges and their benefits at Vivo:

  • BRL 10: 2 GB valid for 7 days
  • BRL 12: 3 GB for 10 days
  • BRL 15: 5 GB valid for 31 days
  • BRL 20: 7GB valid for 31 days
  • BRL 25: 9 GB valid for 31 days
  • BRL 30: 11 GB valid for 31 days

Another great benefit that Oi customers had compared to the competition was the right to unlimited access to Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp without discounting the franchise. With the migration to Vivo, the plan will give the right to unlimited use only on Facebook and WhatsApp.

In this process, the only advantage that Vivo’s new modality brings to these customers is the validity of recharges of R$15 and R$20, which will be longer. In addition, on its website, the operator says that it will give 11 GB valid for 31 days to customers who have a balance until the date of migration, which will be communicated in advance via email and SMS.

For the time being, the operator has only commented on prepaid customers. As a result, there is still no information on how Oi Móvel’s postpaid and control plans work. However, we can expect some changes, as Oi’s plans were quite competitive.

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