VP already learned what Derby means?

In the 3-0 defeat of the first-round Derby (when he didn’t have to explain absurd choices from the squad because of the unintelligent silence strike imposed by the board), Vítor Pereira made it very clear that he didn’t know what a Derby was.

A lot of people ended up with the cloth stock of so much that it illustrated the barbarity, but, from the series “viva the memory”, after the damage done and the embarrassment consolidated in Barueri, VP claimed that he had no way to climb some players who, miraculously, played days later against Boca Juniors.

After three and a half months of that alviverde tour, VP, (who has already lost Paulista, Libertadores and put himself in difficult conditions in the Copa do Brasil after the terrible journey in Goiânia, in the 2-0 defeat to Atlético-GO), The question remains: did Vítor Pereira learn what Derby means?

As Corinthians (founded on September 1, 1910 and, therefore, before the current coach was hired) is a club that belongs to more than 30 million fans and has no owner, it is the obligation of president Duilio Monteiro Alves, of the top hats Roberto of Andrade and Alessandro and a large number of little useful assholes to certify that the coach really understood and, if not, to explain very well, down to the smallest detail.

After all the mistakes, including the obvious, predictable and absurd ones made by the coach with the consent, subservience and complicity of the football board, it won’t make any sense for Corinthians to spare any player against Palmeiras thinking about the duel next Wednesday, against Atlético-GO, for the Copa do Brasil.

Whether you will win, lose or draw against your biggest rival is another story, now playing the derby with the maximum strength available at Neo Química Arena is a must! The bizarre strategy of the first round, plotted in the silence imposed by the management (who fights “fake news” without telling the truth?), cost a lot and, whatever happens this Saturday and the rest of the Brazilian Championship, the 3rd 0 is marked in the eternity of the greatest classic in Brazilian football!

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