WhatsApp: Learn how to track a person and know where they are in real time

Many do not know, but WhatsApp has a feature that allows the user to inform their location in real time.

With the advancement of technology, it has become easier and easier to locate someone. Many don’t know, but the Whatsapp has a feature that allows the user to report their location in real time. However, for this it is necessary to allow the application to use the device’s geolocation signal (GPS).

The functionality allows the user to share their position with a contact for a period ranging from 15 minutes to 8 hours. The feature is available for both Android and iOS. See how below.

See how to share your location on WhatsApp

on android

  1. Open your WhatsApp;
  2. Access the conversation with whom you want to share the location;
  3. Tap the paperclip icon in the typing bar;
  4. Then click on “Location”;
  5. Choose the “real-time location” options;
  6. Then click on “Continue”;
  7. That’s it, your location will appear in the conversation chat as a map frame.

on iOS

  1. open your Whatsapp;
  2. Access the conversation you want to share your location;
  3. Once this is done, tap the “+” icon;
  4. Now click on “location”;
  5. Select the time you want to share the information;
  6. Submit your location using the arrow icon and you’re done.

Okay, now you know how to share your location in real time.

WhatsApp will allow you to hide the ‘online’ mode

This Tuesday (09), the Whatsapp announced one of the most anticipated features by users. This is about hiding the “online” status that appears on all accounts.

According to Meta, the company responsible for the messenger, the new feature is being released gradually, but guarantees that it will be available to everyone by the end of this month.

To hide the “online” status of your contacts is quite simple. Check step by step:

  • Access the settings of Whatsapp and select “Account”;
  • Click on “Privacy”;
  • Click on “Last seen and online”;
  • Choose who can see the “last seen” (“Everyone”, “My contacts”, “My contacts except…” and “Nobody”);
  • Choose who can see the “online” (all or the same option chosen in the “last seen”).

It is important to point out that, by hiding the information, the user will also be unable to see the status of their contacts.

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