Xbox Cloud Gaming: Support for non-Game Pass games may come soon

Users report on social media that several games like Elden Ring and GTA V are on the xCloud page

THE Microsoft is preparing a lot of news for the Xboxone of them is for the Xbox Cloud Gaming and was announced by the company in June, it is about the possibility of playing games from the Xbox via Xbox Cloud Gamingbecause so far, it is possible to play only selected games on the service and that are part of the Xbox Game Pass.

Evidence that the functionality can arrive at any time is being reported by several users, after the appearance of several games within the dedicated page to play via the cloud, Elden Ring, Grand Theft Auto V and Soul Hackers 2 are some of the games that have already won a page in the session.

When you mentioned the new feature in June, the Microsoft said: “We are excited to share that, later this year, it is our intention to release the ability for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members to play select games they already own or purchase outside of the Xbox Game Pass library from the cloud.” .

Check out a post below twitter with the signs of the arrival of functionality to the xCloud?

“It looks like #Xbox is ramping up its plans to bring non-XboxGamePass games to Xcloud.

Like GTA V, Soul Hackers 2 and Elden Ring.

It could be a Gamescom announcement.”

Like this, Knoebelthe author of the publication suggests, this novelty may be an announcement for the Gamescom 2022 which will take place in the last week of this month. In addition to a probable announcement during the gamescoma Microsoft may release the functionality at any time, especially after the pages have been identified and published on social networks.

Unfortunately, people who tried to use the feature were met with an error message, showing that it is something that is being implemented. Bearing in mind that you may need a subscription to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to have access to library games on Xbox Cloud Gaming.

What are your expectations for the arrival of this feature? Which game would you like to be compatible with? Share in the comments with your opinion!

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