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777 Partners responded to the notification of members of an opposition group to the SAF about the risks of the deal with Vasco, based on the lawsuits that could block the American group’s entry into the club.

In the response, the company states that “it has been following the progress of the lawsuits aimed at preventing the Vasco member from exercising his right to vote; all fruitless, according to the understanding of CRVG’s legal advisors”.

777’s response is signed by Steven Pasko (right) — Photo: Rafael Ribeiro / Vasco

The document, signed by Steven Pasko, founder of 777, also mentions the expressive result at the EGM held last Sunday, when 79.44% of the partners approved the agreement with the company,

– On August 7, 2022, 4,907 voting members from Vasco held the largest meeting in the great history of CRVG, in which 3,898 members (almost 80%) deliberated in favor of the corporate transaction that we entered into with CRVG. We understand that the uncontested resolution by the General Meeting, especially in view of expressive numbers, extinguishes any doubt that could exist about the operation to be carried out. Finally, we emphasize that we maintain a legal relationship with CRVG and that, in this regard, we present to our future partner at Vasco-SAF all the documents necessary to carry out the operation within what is required by law and the CRVG Statute – says an excerpt from the document .

777’s response to the notification of opposition partners in Vasco — Photo: Reproduction

777 was notified by partners Leonardo Rodrigues and Márcio Magalhães last Saturday. They allege, for example, that the result of the last election for president is still in court and can be annulled, which would also cancel any act performed by the current board, such as the sale of SAF. In the document, they ask that 777 “refrain from continuing in the corporate operation conducted irregularly by club directors”.

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