‘A Matter of Time’ is this Thursday’s attraction (11/08)

posted on 08/11/2022 00:00

(credit: Netflix/play)

Upon turning 21, Tim discovers that he belongs to a family of time travelers. The young man’s father explains that the men in the family have the power to go back to the past. To use the skill, just have Tim enter a dark place and mentalize the moment he wants to travel to.

At first, he is skeptical about the information. However, upon discovering that his father had told the truth, Tim takes advantage of the ruse to win a new girlfriend. He soon discovers, however, that messing with the past can have unintended consequences. This is the plot of A matter of timeattraction shown at this Tuesday’s Afternoon Session (11/8), on Rede Globo.

Released in 2013, the feature features Domhnall Gleeson, Bill Nighy, Rachel McAdams and Margot Robbie in the Cast. The direction is by Richard Curtis.

Check out the trailer:

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