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Alec Baldwin (Women’s Fight) and Olga Kurylenko (Black Widow) will star in the upcoming spy action thriller “Chief of Station“, a film that was written by George Mahaffey and will be directed by Jesse V. Johnson (Triple Threat).

According to Deadline, the action will take place in Europe and will follow a former boss (Baldwin) of a foreign CIA cell who discovers that his wife’s death was not the result of an accident. With that, he is forced to return to the world of espionage to unravel a conspiracy that will challenge everything he has known until now. During the mission, he will have the help of a rebel agent (Kurylenko).

“I am honored to collaborate on this epic action adventure with one of cinema’s genuine legends. Bringing Alec and Olga together is sure to bring some magic to the screen, she is a force of nature,” said Johnson, a British filmmaker whose filmography is full of action films, including the recent and still unreleased in Portugal, “White Elephant”, starring Bruce Willis.

“Chief Of Station” will be produced by Bee Holder Productions in association with Concourse Media, and will begin filming later this year in Budapest, Hungary. The premiere date has not yet been revealed.

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