how to have digital versions of CNH, RG and others

Carrying a wallet full of documents is a thing of the past, although it is still possible. Most personal identifications can now be obtained digitally and loaded by cell phone. Check out which digital documents are available to all Brazilians.

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Digital documents for Brazilians:

– CNH and CRLV

The Digital Transit Wallet application allows the consultation of the Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate (CRLV). In addition, it contains the digital version of the National Driver’s License (CNH). The app replaces the printed document in any situation. To do so, just download the program and register correctly.

– Digital CPF

Through the Federal Revenue app, it is possible to have the digital version of the Individual Taxpayer Registry (CPF). In addition to offering an official copy of the document, the app allows direct contact with the government. Just enable digital biometrics and do the proof of life. All information is within the app.

– Work Card

The digital CTPS application is responsible for issuing the virtual version of the Citizen’s Work Card. Don’t worry about the document’s fidelity, as all the information is the same as on the physical wallet. In it are your employment records, professional activity contracts and the PIS/Pasep number.

Simply register on the government website to gain access to the system. Since 2019, the digital version has been available and has been used by most companies in Brazil. In fact, it is worth noting that the digital CTPS has the same value as the traditional printed document.

– Voter Title

The Voter Title is another document that has its digital version, called an e-Título. It is a faster and easier way to access citizen’s electoral information. It contains information such as the electoral zone, registration status, electoral discharge certificate and certificate of crimes.

It can be said that the e-Título is more advantageous than the printed version, as it gives citizens access to more services. The virtual document can be used on election days across the country. Just download the application and register with the CPF and the mother’s name.

– SUS portfolio

Widely publicized due to the pandemic, the Conect SUS app contains data from the citizen’s SUS wallet. In addition, he presents the vaccination card against Covid-19. In fact, the app is the means by which the National Vaccination Certificate is obtained.

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