Hulk vents after Atlético-MG fall: ‘that’s not why we’re just…’ – 08/11/2022

For the second consecutive year, the Copa Libertadores ended for Atlético-MG against Palmeiras. Eliminated at home in the 2021 semifinal, in this edition, Galo did not take advantage of the fact of playing with one more player for most of the game and even with two more in the final minutes. The 0-0 draw and the elimination in the penalty shootout frustrate Atlético’s plans, which is already out of the Copa do Brasil and in the Brazilian Championship is practically out of contention for the title. That’s why Captain Hulk made an outburst in the mixed area of ​​Allianz Parque.

If at the weekend the experienced player demanded of his teammates, when he said after the defeat to Athletico-PR that he lacked shame in his face, this time the speech was directed to those who are criticizing Atlético’s season.

“One thing that is a little painful is the lack of recognition, not on the part of the fans, who charge a lot, but they also support a lot and will always have our respect. But the press people, who are criticizing Clube Atlético Mineiro, need to have a little conscience, because for a year now, we are the most winning team in Brazil. In a year or so we had five titles, and it’s the same team. Sometimes we won’t make it, but not for that, I’m sorry for the word , we are not shits. On the contrary, things happen when they have to happen. We are not a machine, which will play well every time”, said the shirt 7 of Atlético, remembering the achievements of the Brasileirão, the Copa do Brasil and the Mineiro, in 2021, and the title this season: Supercopa do Brasil and Mineiro.

As for the game, Hulk highlighted the willingness and commitment of Atlético’s players. At the same time, the captain of Galo made a point of praising the work done by coach Abel Ferreira in front of Palmeiras.

“It is difficult, after two well-played games, to come out regretting once again. You have to recognize the opponent’s merit, we are doing very well until Danilo’s expulsion. Abel made a line of five and another with four players, and it was difficult for us to play. They defended very well, they didn’t cause any danger, because they defended and kicked forward, they did what they had to do to qualify. We fought, we tried. It’s football, who understands football, who If you can read the game, you’ll understand that we worked a lot. But they did very well in the defensive part, and I take my hat off to Abel, who did very well. The players played a very good role there. Scarpa’s expulsion was at the end of the game. We fought, we searched, we had the ball on the post, Jair’s header.

Without Libertadores or Copa do Brasil, Atlético is left to fight in the Brasileirão. Currently, Galo occupies the 7th place, with 32 points, 13 behind the leader Palmeiras. On the weekend the club from Minas will face Coritiba, at the Couto Pereira stadium, in Paraná.

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