Luísa Sonza releases song with Luan Santana: ‘Having the countryman present’

The request of thousands of fans was finally answered. Luísa Sonza and Luan Santana brought together pop and country folk in the song “Coração Cigano”, from the album “Luan City”, the singer’s new work released this Tuesday (9) on all digital platforms. The track features the singer of “Cachorrinhas” releasing her voice in the rhythm of the sertão that conquered Brazil.

Luísa Sonza, who is used to moving through the pop and funk genres, revealed how much working with sertanejo was an old desire, especially for maintaining a friendship with Luan Santana. During a press conference for the song’s release, she said:

“Luan was the first artist who embraced me at every moment of my career. He was always by my side and we have a long relationship. He knew how much I loved this kind of music and how much I want to have the sertanejo more present in my career”.

The idea for the feat with Luan Santana came up during the live that the two artists did together in 2020, with the participation of Giulia Be. After two years and incessant requests from fans, “Coração Cigano” arrived with everything. The music video has already accumulated more than 1.5 million views on YouTube.

“Since the live, we were already imagining a song together and I thought it would match Luísa a lot. It was the perfect choice and we recorded it a long time ago. A lot of people charged the launch. It’s been two years since we sang this song for the first time.”

Luan Santana

About releasing “Coração Cigano” just three weeks after “Cachorrinhas”, Luísa reveals that she likes this contrast in her releases.” She brings uniqueness to the music and it is possible to see it as something unique. It’s the best time to release ‘Gypsy Heart’”, she adds.

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