Microsoft comments that leaving Call of Duty as an Xbox exclusive would not be feasible

It will continue the way it is!

In a document sent to the Brazilian regulatory body, the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE), Microsoft commented that leaving Call of Duty as an Xbox exclusive would not be viable.

According to the document sent to the Brazilian regulatory body, the “non-distribution of Activision Blizzard games on rival platforms would not be profitable”, implying that big gameslike Call of Duty, will not be exclusive to Xbox, at least with the IPs already in the portfolio of the great publisher.

Additionally, Microsoft once again highlighted the different strategies of Sony and Microsoft, where Sony is device-centric, and Microsoft is consumer-centric. It is worth remembering that the same document pointed out that Sony paid the developers so that their games were not released on Xbox Game Pass, click here to read. Check out:

Such a strategy [de deixar grandes franquias como exclusivas] It would only be profitable if Activision Blizzard games were able to attract a sufficiently large number of gamers to the Xbox console ecosystem, and if Microsoft could earn enough revenue from game sales to offset the losses of not distributing such games on consoles. rivals.” he said, and added:

This is especially true considering (i) the ‘gamer-centric’ strategy – as opposed to the ‘device-centric’ strategy – that Microsoft pioneered with Game Pass, and (ii) the fact that PlayStation has the most users loyal across generations, with every indication that brand loyalty has built up in previous rounds of the ‘console wars’ suggesting that PlayStation will continue to have a strong market position.

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