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The eve of Father’s Day motivates a series of novelties in cinema, on the national circuit, and that also arrive as attractions for Santa Cruz do Sul. The main debut is the drama, with a connotation of suspense, The beast, American production directed by Baltasar Kormákur and with Idris Elba as the main attraction in the cast. This film opens this Wednesday, the 11th, in theaters both at Cine Santa Cruz, in two sessions in room one, one dubbed and the other subtitled, and at Cine Max Shopping, in this case with two sessions dubbed in room 2.

Elba plays Dr. Nate Samuels, a man who lost his wife, decides to take a trip with his daughters to a reservation in South Africa, where he met his wife. What was supposed to be a smooth trip turns dramatic when they start being chased by a lion.

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Another novelty in line with Father’s Day is the national Daddy is Pop, directed by Caíto Ortiz and cast Lázaro Ramos, Paolla Oliveira and Elisa Lucinda. The dramatic comedy only opens at Cine Santa Cruz, in room 2, in two sessions. Tom (Lázaro Ramos) sees his life change completely when he becomes a father. Together with his wife Elisa (Paolla Oliveira), he gradually discovers the meaning of fatherhood.

A third debut of the day is in the horror genre. evil twin, under the direction of Taneli Mustonen, with Teresa Palmer and Barbara Marten, explores the vein that has a large number of fans. The production will be shown at two times in room 1 of Cine Max Shopping.

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In the plot, after a tragic accident that killed their son, the couple decides to move and focus all attention on the surviving twin, Elliot. But what was a time to rebalance the energies turns into a battle to save his son’s soul, when an entity claiming to be his dead twin begins to take over Eliot.

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Check out the complete schedule, with rooms, sessions and times:

Schedule from 8/11 to 8/17

    • By Balthazar Kormákur. USA, 2022. With Idris Elba and Leah Jeffries
    • Genre: Thriller, Drama
    • Indicative rating: 14 years
    • Cine Santa Cruz – Room 1: 4:30 pm (2D, dubbed); 21 hours (2D, subtitled)
    • Cine Max Shopping – Room 2: 4:15 pm and 6:15 pm (2D, dubbed)
    • By Taneli Mustonen. USA, 2022. With Teresa Palmer and Barbara Marten
    • Genre: horror
    • Indicative rating: 14 years
    • Cine Max Shopping – Room 1: 18:30 (2D, dubbed); 20:30 (2D, subtitled)
    • By Caito Ortiz. Brazil, 2022. With Paola Oliveira and Lázaro Ramos
    • Genre: Romance, Comedy
    • Indicative rating: free
    • Cine Santa Cruz – Room 2: 2:00 pm and 6:30 pm (2D)
    • By David Leitch. USA, 2022. With Brad Pitt and Joey King
    • Genre: Action, Comedy
    • Indicative rating: 16 years
    • Cine Santa Cruz – Room 2: 20:45 (2D, dubbed)
    • Cine Max Shopping – Room 2: 20:15 (2D, dubbed)
    • By Jared Stern. USA, 2022. With Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart
    • Genre: adventure, action
    • Indicative rating: free
    • Santa Cruz – Room 2: 16:15 (2D, dubbed)
    • Max Shopping – Room 1: 20:15 (2D, dubbed)
    • By Taika Waititi. USA, 2022. With Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman
    • Genre: Action, Adventure
    • Parental Rating: 12 years
    • Max Shopping – Room 1: 14 hours (3D, dubbed)
    • By Kyle Balda. USA, 2022
    • Genre: animation
    • Indicative rating: free
    • Cine Santa Cruz – Room 1: 2:30 pm, Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday only; and 18:45 (3D, dubbed)
    • Cine Max Shopping – Room 1: 2:30 pm (3D, dubbed), except this Wednesday, 11


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