‘Palmeiras demonstrated physical, tactical and emotional superiority’

Palmeiras is definitely a ‘copeiro’ team. For the third time in a row in the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores – the fourth in five years -, Verdão never tires of breaking records in the main competition on the continent. For Alicia Klein, in Live from Palmeirasprogram of UOL Esporte right after Verdão’s matches, in addition to the overcoming on the field, after the expulsion of Danilo and Gustavo Scarpa, Palmeiras ‘demonstrated physical, tactical and emotional superiority’.

“It is difficult for us to see, in Brazil today, a team up to the [do Palmeiras]. It was very tactically challenged, and it was curious to note that despite being one less since the 30th minute of the first half, Palmeiras only made a substitution almost at the end of the game – when Luan and Mayke came on -, right after the expulsion of the Scarpa. Palmeiras only held on with a tactical change, and still offered some pressure to Galo”, added Klein.

According to her, the team led by Abel Ferreira has ‘a strength in the face of adversity, which has not been tested in this way for some time in Libertadores’. Following the same line of reasoning, Rodolfo Rodrigues, who also presented the live, scored: “It was a game that completely escaped the script, I hadn’t experienced this situation for a long time and managed to overcome it very well. The physical part of Palmeiras really stood out”.

According to Rodolfo, despite the great performance of Weverton – who received the maximum score in the individual assessment of the players in the post-match live -, the fact that the goalkeeper did not need to make any great save during the 90 minutes shows that the team ‘held a lot the pressure of Atlético-MG’. According to him, this was “really a spectacular victory for the situation of the game”, added the journalist.

Don’t miss out! The next edition of Live from Palmeiras will be on Saturday (13.08), right after the match against Corinthians, now for the Brazilian Championship. You can follow the live on the UOL Channel, in the app UOL Scoreon the Palmeiras page on UOL Esporte or on the UOL Esporte channel on Youtube.

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